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Product Line-up
Feeder Storage Cabinet
  Low-humidity storage of chip feeders with tape reels (1% RH internal humidity)(feeder storage cabinet for chip mounters)

By storing chip feeders with tape reels in the feeder storage cabinet (feeder bank), these cabinets provide optimal humidity control for IC packages.

œ Using feeder storage cabinets allows chip feeders to be stored with tape reels still mounted. This eliminates the labor involved in mounting and demounting tape reels and significantly boosts productivity.
œ The feeder rack runs on sliding rails, making it easy to load and remove feeders.
œ Capable of accommodating chip feeders with integrated tapes as well as those with separate tapes.
œ Internal humidity complies with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C.
œ Compatible with all mounter manufacturers, even those that use different chip feeder loading methods. Contact us for further information. (Panasonic, Yamaha, Juki, Fuji, Hitachi, i-Pulse, Asm, Sony (not in order))

Feeder Storage Cabinet Line-up

  Perfect for low-humidity storage of feeder wagons (1% RH internal humidity).
œ Using feeder wagon storage cabinets allows you to store wagons without having to remove the feeders from the wagons.
This both prevents feeder connection errors and assists in reducing cycle times, significantly increasing productivity.


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