Product Line-up Type Grade HM DXUŒ^ DXU-1002-L Feeder Cabinet MCU MC Custom Cabinet
G1 G2 G3
Product Line-up

With 1 drying unit

œ Ultra-powerful rapid dehumidification drying unit
œ Digital humidity meter with large display panel
œ 1 Mƒ¶ ground terminal
œ Shelf load capacity: 100 kg
œ No central pillar allows full shelf width to be used.

Custom orders
N2 gas socket can also be installed.

Model MC-1001A MC-1002A
Humidity regulator Automatic dial regulator
External dimensions
W1200~D700~H1850 (mm)
Internal dimensions W1150~D600~H1610 (mm)
Capacity Approx.1200
Drying unit US-5000F
Material Steel with conductive coating (color: silver)
Doors (magnetic) 6-door with glass panels 4-door with glass panels
Weight 190kg 180kg
Power supply AC100Vi50^60Hzj
Power consumption 28W^hiMAX350Wj
Accessories 5 shelves, locks, humidity meter, casters (with stopper), ground terminal


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