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Feeder Storage Cabinet  

Stores feeders with separate tapes.
Suitable for products such as the Panasonic CM series and the Asm Siplace series.
The feeder rack runs on sliding rails, making it easy to load and remove feeders and tapes.

Model DXU-580SF
Humidity regulator Automatic dial regulator (RH)
External dimensions W800~D1200~H1324 (mm)
Internal dimensions W830~1100~H790 (mm)
Capacity Approx. 900 Liters
Drying unit US-5000F~2
Material Steel with conductive coating (color: silver)
Doors (magnetic) 2-door with glass panels
Weight 200kg
Power supply AC100Vi50/60Hzj
Power consumption 56W^hiMAX700Wj
Accessories Locks, humidity meter, casters (with stopper), ground terminal


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