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Feeder Storage Cabinet

Feeder wagons can be stored individually.
Individual wagon storage prevents feeder connection errors and eliminates cycle time.
Also features shelving, allowing trays and tape reels to be stored along with feeder wagons.

Safe stowing and removal
A feeder wagon weighs approximately 100 kg with the feeder and tape reel mounted. This plus the small casters means itfs very difficult to get over even small bumps. With the McDry, loading and removal is simple because there are virtually no bumps to negotiate getting in and out of the cabinet.
The height of the McDry also ensures that the operatorfs head will not strike the cabinet during feeder loading and removal, allowing the operator to concentrate solely on the feeder wagon.

Model DXU-2900
Humidity regulator Automatic dial regulator (RH)
External dimensions W1300~D1255~H1971 (mm)
Internal dimensions W1140~D1000~H1800 (mm)
Capacity Approx. 2900 Liters
Drying unit USK-6000B~3
Material Steel with conductive coating (color: silver)
Doors (magnetic) 2-door with glass panels
Weight 530kg
Power supply AC100Vi50^60Hzj
Power consumption 122W^hiMAX1340Wj
Accessories 1 Shelf, lock, humidity meter


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