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Photo Gallery of Storage Applications

Storage of IC packages Within McDry




IC Package Taping Using McDry

Examples of McDry Applications (Items that require low-humidity storage)

1 Low-humidity storage of IC packages (MSD) which have been removed from moisture barrier bags. (To stop the floor life clock of CSPs, BGAs, TQFPs, etc.)

1. Low-humidity storage of MSDs before and leftover after implementation.
2. Low-humidity storage of MSDs that hve been removed from mounter.
3. Low-humidity storage of MSDs when writing ROMs.

2 Dry storage of semi-mounted PCBs. Effective low-humidity storage of PCBs awaiting second-side reflow.

3 Drying and storing multilayer PC boards before and after the mounting process.

4 Dry storage of pattern film and prepreg used in the manufacturing of PCBs.

5 Clean, room temperature drying of liquid crystal glass boards after washing. Results in even drying and prevents contamination.

6 Dry storage of quartz crystals and electrode adhesives used in the manufacturing of quartz oscillators.

7 Dehumidification and low-humidity storage of optical fiber (micro-lens for WDM) and CCD (charge-coupled device)

8 Slows down oxidation and prevents corrosion of electronic components and provides low-humidity storage of polymeric materials.

Example of use of McDRY in mounting process
(Products that need low-humidity storage)


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